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My husband Dave and tubezaur I often have fantasies about my issues with the maintenance staff, and I tell him stories while he was masturbating. This clearly poses and stories that have finally begun to awaken curiosity in me. We need to get a local builder in some interior tubezaur and exterior repairs, tubezaur and I decided to flirt a little, to see the reaction. The guy was in his own day, his name was Phil and 30ish, well built, muscular and blonde - larger than I thought and began to flirt with him. only small things, for starters, touched his arm, congratulated him on his work clearly colony, so it was. I told David all about it, but he took it as another fantasy as a sign to go for it! The next day, when tubezaur I arrived with a low cut zipper high and low enough zip, no bra, I have large nipples peeking thong Dave loves against the thin material, a short denim mini skirt and black lace. The previous night he had shaved that I know David loves and therefore suspect. when Phil left the van with tubezaur another man with him was a little older, but similar build, very dark America, looking, I felt a little silly, but now decided to dress like what they offer. I had coffee and looking in the mirror to remain in the room, the two were staring at me, I felt very flattered and woke up a little. Phil asked to use the bathroom, while Paul talked to me in the kitchen. What then Idin't know that Phil was actually the first floor, a look through my moves, check out my underwear, Dave is always telling me to do what the builders! Paul called him and get to see this, we find a problem he ran upstairs, had one of my dildos in hand and a pair of tight tubezaur pants on the other hand in his had. I laughed as they walked down the stairs, he looked very apologetic and embaressed. I smiled and said do not worry about that, do not notify us that you said. I looked and thought, I am in control here, I asked them to reduce both the pants there, had a red boxersand the other had a black thong. Both were hanged too. A first, I thought, tubezaur as I slowly removed many zip top then that my mini -skirt falls to the ground on all fours, and Phil told me to kiss my pussy. He duly obliged, I started to drift, but not yet. Paulo to come here and suck my nipples, heaven, two men who were pimping. Phil told to remove his boxers and thong undressing Paulo. Both were naked waiting for my service. Phil was asked to take off my thong and out of breath when she saw my shaved pussy, went to my clit, wow that was a good job. Paulo offered his 9inch cock to me and I took it with enthusiasm. We in the bed and Phil is about 8 inches is suggested to me, I like to have one at each end, is a wonderful feeling. Phil called me gentally vibrator and took it to my back, I was in heaven. This lasted about three hours with us every maneuver around. When Dave finally came home, he was surprised that so little work was carried out. I explained that it was useless, crapll later, but he just smiled and told another story. I can wait a little more work at home. I did, you need to know that I get in the near future - like the plumber, that looks delicious. bye
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